Saturday, 6 July 2013

Frank Snack Bar - Orange & Chocolate

This is a review of the Orange & Chocolate flavour Frank Snack Bar. The Frank Food Company kindly provided me with some samples to review. The Frank bars have been produced with the goal of providing a snack bar with very simple, healthy ingredients, nothing artificial, while not sacrificing on taste. This is where their slogan 'Honest Snacking' comes from.

The majority of the bar is fruit, with half being made up of dried dates and dried plums. The rest is a mix of fruit juices, oats and probiotic chocolate. The bar has a similar texture and consistency to a chocolate cake/brownie, well compacted and slightly chewy. Across its surface is a thin topping of milk chocolate, though for chocolate lovers its a little unsatisfying. You do however get more chocolate flavour in the bar. The orange flavour doesn't come across quite as strong as you might expect. Overall the bar could be a bit sweeter in taste though this could just be my sweet tooth. The bar weighs in at 35g and its quite a thin bar so you'll probably only get 4 - 5 bites out of it. It's thick consistency of compacted fruit makes it more filling than other bars of a similar size.
Frank snack bars are also available in the following flavours:
- Blueberry & Chocolate
- Double Chocolate
- Oat & Chocolate
- Strawberry & Chocolate

Nutritional Information

The bar contains 119 calories, a decent amount considering its a little larger than the average cereal bar. Its sugars may appear high, but these are all naturally occurring and the bar actually has a low glycaemic index due to its high fibre, complex carbohydrate ingredients. Frank Food Company advertise this as 'EnergySmart', a fruit concentrate mix that provides both quick and long lasting energy. Its a good protein source at 4g per bar. Its also a low fat bar at only 2.5% of your guideline daily amount, containing only healthy vegetable oils. The bar is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and contains no gluten, dairy, nuts or seeds. It has no added salts, sugars, flavours, preservatives or colourings. The Frank bar is great to have both as a snack or as an energy source before exercise and you can be confident in knowing that you're getting the best healthy ingredients and no junk.

Taste Rating    6/10
Nutritional Rating    9/10 


  1. I've tried some of these bars liked the blueberry flavour the best. I agree they're very filling.

  2. Blimey, didn't realise that you last posted eighteen months ago.

    1. Yeah sorry, I have been pretty busy with running and not had time. A faster laptop would help. A do still listen to loads of videogame soundtracks/covers, might still be interested in sharing some on here...